By working with Keylan, you’re maximizing your return on investment while growing the sales skills within your organization.

  • Your fee will be a fraction of the cost of a full-time sales manager, yet you will get the benefit of having a seasoned, professional sales manager on your staff
  • Improved sales effectiveness in 30 to 60 days
  • Your commitment to Keylan is month-to-month so you have the flexibility to use our services for the timeframe best suited to your needs



“We’ve only been working with Kevin and Jim at Keylan for less than five months and we are already seeing an immediate impact to company performance. Not only have they been a great coach to our sales team, but also to me as CEO. They are very focused, driven, and thorough in their approach. It is a real advantage for a small business to be able to have access to such a high level of sales management expertise, at a fraction of the cost. “
Harry G. Curley, CEO
StreamlineMD & PRC Medical 

“Keylan serves an ever-growing number of companies in a space between too big not to have a Sales VP and too small to afford one. Keylan is a great solution to help drive accountability, activity, fill the sales funnel, and bring discipline to an organization’s sales process.”

Jim Hopkins, President

“We have worked with Kevin for the past year and a half. I run a newer/smaller division of our main company that only has 1 salesperson and we needed someone with sales experience to manage this person. He has been a great help at implementing a sales process for this new sales rep. We went from really nothing to a great system in a short amount of time. Kevin is great at holding people accountable and organizing them. He really frees up my time as I do not come from a sales background and Kevin can act as our primary sales resource. I also use him to hold me accountable for various tasks and meet with him weekly. Definitely worth what he charges.”

Dennis Drellishak Jr., President
CS Business Screen