Keylan Management Group helps small and medium-sized businesses improve their selling and leadership effectiveness. We are looking for individuals with a passion for sales and helping others achieve their quotas. If you think you’re a fit for our sales consultant opening, please fill out the form or contact Kevin Hudson at



Keywords: Sales, Sales Management, Selling, Coaching, Accountability, Sales Process, Consulting, Recruiting, Staffing, Sourcing

Position Summary: The primary objectives of this role are to deliver sales consulting and sales coaching services to clients, onboard new sales consultants, observation of sales consultants for ongoing development and manage the talent acquisition efforts for the firm.

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Keywords: Sales, Sales Management, Selling, Coaching, Accountability, Sales Process, Consulting,  

Position Summary: The primary objectives of this role are to deliver sales consulting and sales coaching services to clients and acquire new clients through business development activities. 

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About Keylan Management Group:

Keylan Management Group helps small and medium-sized businesses improve their selling and leadership effectiveness. Keylan services include fractional sales management and sales audits and assessments that are delivered by veteran leaders. In addition, Keylan offers executive coaching for owners, executives, and those in leadership positions. With extensive sales, sales management, and leadership experience within large and small corporate environments, our team delivers on improved sales performance, management development, and executive coaching in helping small to mid-sized entrepreneurs achieve their strategic goals.

Our Mission

We seek to professionally manage our client’s sales teams and provide leadership development coaching to drive better outcomes and results.

Our Vision

To be a leading sales management and coaching firm focused on sales and leadership effectiveness for small to mid-sized businesses, enhancing sales growth and operational effectiveness

Our Values

Our core values inform our culture, brand, and business strategies:

  • Inspire professional growth, organizational effectiveness, and business transformation
  • Listen attentively to others to wholeheartedly understand their needs and deliver appropriate solutions
  • Demonstrate integrity and character through honest communications delivered with emotional intelligence

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Direct any questions, referrals, or resumes to