At Keylan, we help companies self-implement the concepts within EOS, based off the book Traction. We provide a unique model in which we not only help companies with the implementation of EOS but provide executive coaching and serve as a fractional integrator, which is a role that is critical to the execution of the strategic goals and objectives set forth by our clients.

What is EOS?

EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, is a set of simple concepts and practical tools that have helped thousands of entrepreneurs achieve what they want from their businesses.

Outcomes of implementing EOS?

  • Create, define and clarify your vision for each area of your business
  • Get everyone on the same page with where you’re going, and how you plan to get there
  • Identify the necessary decisions, tasks, initiatives and action items that are needed to achieve your vision
  • Create a culture of accountability to track and measure your progress in gaining traction towards your goals
  • Improved structure within your business towards the organization and prioritization of key goals and objectives
  • Help your management team become more focused, cohesive and productive
  • Serves as a process for the professional development of your leadership team

Initial components of EOS? (creating clarity)

  • Core values
  • Core focus
  • 10-year target (BHAG ~ big hairy audacious goal)
  • 3-year picture
  • 1-year plan
  • Quarterly goals within your 1-year plan
  • Issues and barriers to achieving your goals

Ongoing components of EOS (gaining traction)

  • Weekly or bi-weekly Traction meetings to review the following:
    • Progress on action items by each team member
    • Update on progress towards quarterly goals
    • Review scorecard metrics (sales, operations, production, etc.)
    • Review IDS (issues, discuss, solve)
    • Personnel (right people, right seat)


“Keylan’s approach to understanding, and developing the companies vision and goals included developing building blocks of trust, communication and safety within all levels of the company. Kevin quickly moved into providing long term strategies along with day to day tools for supervisors and owners to reach their potential. The joy has been to see each team member take ownership and a deeper dive into their own professional development, which in turn has led to stronger relationships, clear expectations and a unity around the companies goals and vision.”

Bethany Bernatovicz
President – ASI Signage Innovations

“We engaged Kevin at Keylan to help with strategic planning and leadership development and he quickly made a measurable impact on our business. He works with us on strategic planning, but more importantly, he helps us execute our plan by holding our leadership team and me accountable for deliverables on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. As a result, we accomplish more in a month or quarter than we have in years. As part of this process, he coaches our leadership team and hourly employees on communication and problem solving, which has improved our culture and the productivity of our workforce. The return on investment we get from Kevin and Keylan makes them an invaluable asset to our business.”

Scott Peckham, President
Stainless Specialties Inc.

“Kevin currently serves our organization as a leadership development coach for both our VP of sales and VP of client services, both long-time professionals, and has also led both of our leaders through transformation of their departments.  He has introduced big-business concepts and processes to our mid-market company and has forever changed the way our sales and client services departments operate as well as our entire company. Kevin has become part of the team; his counsel is invaluable, and he is about as genuine a human you will ever meet. It is a Blessing that we crossed paths. “

Greg Dubecky, President
Corporate Screening Services, Inc.