Keylan is an excellent solution for your sales efforts if you:

  • Need to optimize your sales!
  • Are ready to give your sales team the dedicated sales leadership they need!
  • Want to help your leaders reach their sales potential!

We are an ideal fit for organizations that cannot justify the cost of hiring a full-time dedicated sales manager but would value the leadership of a part-time experienced and successful sales leader.

Value Proposition:

  • Our Experience – Nearly five decades of proven sales and leadership achievement in working with small, medium and large companies. Our combined experience provides our clients both with expert guidance and the ability to draw from the past to overcome today’s challenges.
  • Our Focus – We help small to medium sized businesses in need of sales and leadership effectiveness to achieve their sales strategic goals.
  • Increased ROI – Simply put, we offer executive level sales management expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time sales manager. Our experience allows us to offer increased effectiveness and ROI through an outsourced approach as opposed to owners managing a sales team, while running their businesses. Keylan will be your resource dedicated to optimizing sales production.
  • Risk Reduction – Doing business with Keylan mitigates the risks associated with recruiting, selecting, hiring and retaining a full-time sales manager as Keylan is easy to engage and, when ready, to disengage.