Keylan engages in a consultative sales process in which we listen attentively, understand your requirements, and create tailored solutions aligned with your objectives. This is accomplished through a discovery session to identify and understand your organization’s business needs and the people tasked with meeting them.


“Turning over the sales management responsibilities to Keylan Management Group was one of the best business decisions I have made as a small business owner. Our company has been in business since 1955 and we never had any structure to our sales efforts. After a year of working with Jim and Kevin, we now have a sales playbook in place and our sales team is operating with metrics that help to keep them accountable. Jim’s weekly meetings with each salesperson keep them on task and encouraged. Thanks to Jim and Kevin, there is an energy and excitement within our team that not even a Pandemic can discourage.”

Jan Dyer, President
REM Electronics

“I’ve been working with Kevin and Keylan for approximately 6 months now. In my 20 years of sales experience, I can confidently say that Kevin is by far the best sales management consultant/coach that I have ever worked with. Kevin takes a genuine consultative approach to the process and takes the time to understand the unique nuances of your organization. The structure that Kevin has helped us build has resulted in improved communication and clarity as well as improved accountability.”

Matt Jaye, VP Sales
Corporate Screening Services, Inc.

“In full disclosure, Kevin was my first boss out of college and is the godfather to my only son, my business partner in Keylan, a professional coach to me, a spiritual advisor to me and my family, and my best friend. With that said, Kevin and I have had the most amazing relationship two men could have. We have been blessed with personal and professional success. Kevin and Keylan brought a discipline and additional structure to my HR & payroll staffing and consulting firm, Willory. He worked closely with my leadership team, sales and account managers, staffing team, and more.” Kevin is an amazing business colleague and sales coach but even a better man, husband, father, and friend. You cannot go wrong in hiring Kevin and the Keylan team.”

John Bernatovicz, Founder