Keylan & PRADCO

Keylan has partnered with PRADCO to provide our clients with a data-driven approach to selecting top-performing sales candidates during hiring. Whether you are hiring for Inside Sales, Outside Sales, Customer Service, or Account Management, PRADCO’s assessments predict on-the-job performance, gauge role fit, and determine if the candidate aligns with the culture of your organization before being hired. By using Keylan and PRADCO assessments, our clients will see bolstered sales metrics, more revenue, and less turnover.


Sales Assessments

PRADCO Quick View™ Sales Assessments measure 32 different behaviors that have been proven to align with on-the-job performance, see-through ‘impression management’ during interviews, and provide follow-up questions to probe into identified weaknesses or red flags, and developmental suggestions to expedite onboarding and goal attainment.