A Proven Process to Increase Clarity, Structure, and Accountability Towards Enhancing Sales and Leadership Effectiveness

Keylan engages in a consultative sales process in which we listen attentively, understand your requirements, and create tailored solutions aligned with your objectives. This is accomplished through a discovery session to identify and understand your organization’s business needs and the people tasked with meeting them.

Fractional Sales Management

You run your business, we manage your sales team. We provide an outsourced sales management model allowing owners to focus on their company’s main operations.

Leadership development

Give your leaders a toolkit for success. With Keylan Leadership Development services, you can provide your management team with coaching, training, and development to increase their capacity for growth.

Fractional Integrator Services

Keylan Fractional Integrator services for companies running on EOS® to help harmonize the major functions of your company and steer the efficient execution of your business plan.

About Keylan

Our Mission

We seek to professionally manage our client’s sales teams, serve as fractional integrators for companies running on EOS® and provide professional development coaching and training to increase effectiveness, outcomes, and results.

Our Vision

To be a leading sales management and fractional integrator firm for small to mid-sized businesses, enhancing sales, leadership, and operational growth and effectiveness.

Our Values

Our core values inform our culture, brand, and strategy:
  • We focus on personal, professional, and leadership growth through continued training, education, reading, and behavioral-based assessments.
  • We work towards sales, leadership, and operational effectiveness.
  • We listen attentively, and understand the needs of others, through honest and authentic communication delivered with emotional intelligence.
  • We hold ourselves accountable and take responsibility for our actions.
  • We seek to provide excellent customer service by providing a positive attitude, timely follow-up, and attention to detail.
  • We create a safe space for others to share constructive feedback, by focusing on context and allowing one another to be heard.


Decades of Experience

Over 150 years of Combined Experience

“Thank you for visiting our website! Our mission is to provide fractional sales management consulting for small – mid-sized businesses, fractional integrator services for companies running on EOS®, along with leadership development, training, and coaching for management teams and individuals within supervisory positions.”

Kevin Hudson

- Founder and President

Are you a small business owner struggling to manage your sales team due to wearing many hats?

We provide a structured process to improve results and increases overall sales effectiveness, so you don't have to.