Fractional Sales Management

You run your business, we manage your sales team. We provide an outsourced sales management model allowing owners to focus on the rest of their company’s operations.

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Executive Coaching

We provide professional coaching and strategic guidance for owners and executives. We help leaders develop structure, organization, clarity, and accountability in their businesses.

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Behavioral Sales Assessments

Keylan has partnered with PRADCO to provide our clients with a data-driven approach to selecting top-performing sales candidates during hiring.

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“Keylan helped me hone and establish leadership skills and has had a huge impact on the way I lead and manage people.  Keylan’s approach was part empathy, part toughness… but was able to break down my own barriers so we could create a true partnership.”

“Keylan has a unique ability to adapt to what each professional needs (or doesn’t need) in terms of management and training. Keylan has done a tremendous amount for my career.”

Nick Korzeniowski, HCM Implementation Consultant

“Keylan has a unique ability to bring solutions and a completed proposal to the table rather than mere suggestions. Keylan is enormously prepared and insightful, equipped with the skills to understand what needs to happen for deals to close. When managing others, Keylan is both clear in guidance and sets tough but achievable goals. That alone is great, but Keylan takes the extra effort to mentor and coach to help ensure goals are met.”

Greg Trunzo, Regional Sales Director, Staples Business Advantage

“Keylan serves an ever-growing number of companies in a space between too big not to have a Sales VP and too small to afford one.  Keylan is a great solution to help drive accountability, activity, fill the sales funnel, and bring a discipline to an organization’s sales process.”

Jim Hopkins, President, CPI-HR

“Keylan’s senior leadership has a proven track record of being able to make sales professionals better and more effective. Keylan’s unique style helped make my teammates and I better by maximizing our individual strengths and coaching in a way that keeps you on track to hit and exceed numbers. Keylan is passionate about helping people perform at their best by introducing structure, planning, and the tools to work through challenges. Keylan helped me improve everything from how I interact internally and externally, the importance of follow-up and keeping commitments to customers.”

“Whatever experience level your sales staff possesses (new or highly tenured), Keylan is a great resource to develop sales skills.”

Jacqueline Veiram, Account Consultant, Staples

“Keylan’s senior management works to uncover and understand what motivates each and every sales person. Keylan is able to capitalize on their individual strengths and design specific training to improve their weaknesses and drive results. Keylan is very hands-on and able to take a collaborative or autonomous approach. They tailor solutions to meet their client’s needs.”

Diana Gaking, PHR, SHRM-CP, Finance and Human Resources Manager, CPI-HR

“We’ve only been working with Kevin and Jim at Keylan for less than five months and we are already seeing an immediate impact to company performance. Not only have they been a great coach to our sales team, but also to me as CEO. They are very focused, driven, and thorough in their approach. It is a real advantage for a small business to be able to have access to such a high level of sales management expertise, at a fraction of the cost. “

Harry G. Curley, CEO, StreamlineMD & PRC Medical

“Kevin currently serves our organization as a leadership development coach for both our VP of sales and VP of client services, both long-time professionals, and has also led both of our leaders through transformation of their departments.  He has introduced big-business concepts and processes to our mid-market company and has forever changed the way our sales and client services departments operate as well as our entire company. Kevin has become part of the team; his counsel is invaluable, and he is about as genuine a human you will ever meet. It is a Blessing that we crossed paths. “

Greg Dubecky, President, Corporate Screening Services

 “We engaged Kevin at Keylan to help with strategic planning and leadership development and he quickly made a measurable impact on our business. He works with us on strategic planning, but more importantly, he helps us execute our plan by holding me and our leadership team accountable for deliverables on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. As a result, we accomplish more in a month or quarter than we have in years. As part of this process, he coaches our leadership team and hourly employees on communication and problem solving which has improved our culture and the productivity of our workforce. The return on investment we get from Kevin and Keylan makes them an invaluable asset to our business.”

Scott Peckham, President, Stainless Specialities Inc.

“Simply put Kevin Hudson will make you a better business owner, manager and person. Utilizing Keylan was the best business and personal decision we ever made.”

Andy Bernatovicz, Owner, ASI Signage

“Kevin has been a great resource and coach in supporting my professional development as a new business owner. He has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in sales and demonstrates a true passion for developing others so they can achieve measurable results. Kevin is also extremely personable and puts people at ease, gaining trust right away. I’d recommend him to anyone that is looking to further develop their business development capabilities.”

Kathy Sullivan, Principal & Owner, Talent Principles

“In 2019 Dickenson & Associates made a very important decision to contract with Kevin Hudson and his organization. We are certainly off to a very exciting start. Our three younger professionals are working with Kevin weekly. Kevin has delivered what he promised as well as helped our professionals navigate all activity during these challenging times. Kevin has become a critical asset to our organization. He has held our three junior associates accountable daily, pushing them in an appropriate manner to complete calls, emails, virtual meetings, application submissions, and case closings. This in turn has increased overall revenue for our organization. Kevin is a wonderful coach and a true professional. His honesty and candor are fabulous. We strongly recommend him and the Keylan team.”

Dave Dickenson, Owner, Dickenson & Associates

“We have worked with Kevin for the past year and a half. I run a newer/smaller division of our main company that only has 1 salesperson and we needed someone with sales experience to manage this person. He has been a great help at implementing a sales process for this new sales rep. We went from really nothing to a great system in a short amount of time. Kevin is great at holding people accountable and organizing them. He really frees up my time as I do not come from a sales background and Kevin can act as our primary sales resource. I also use him to hold me accountable for various tasks and meet with him weekly. Definitely worth what he charges.”

Dennis Drellishak Jr., President, CS Business Screen

“In full disclosure, Kevin was my first boss out of college and is the godfather to my only son, my business partner in Keylan, a professional coach to me, a spiritual advisor to me and my family, and my best friend. With that said, Kevin and I have had the most amazing relationship two men could have. We have been blessed with personal and professional success. Kevin and Keylan brought discipline and additional structure to my HR & payroll staffing and consulting firm, Willory. He worked closely with my leadership team, sales and account managers, staffing team, and more.” Kevin is an amazing business colleague and sales coach but even a better man, husband, father, and friend. You cannot go wrong in hiring Kevin and the Keylan team.”

John Bernatovicz, Founder, Willory

“Turning over the sales management responsibilities to Keylan Management Group was one of the best business decisions I have made as a small business owner. Our company has been in business since 1955 and we never had any structure to our sales efforts. After a year of working with Jim and Kevin, we now have a sales playbook in place and our sales team is operating with metrics that help to keep them accountable. Jim’s weekly meetings with each salesperson keep them on task and encouraged. Thanks to Jim and Kevin, there is an energy and excitement within our team that not even a Pandemic can discourage.”

Jan Dyer, President, REM Electronics

“Not only is Kevin Hudson an amazing sales coach, but he also takes the time to invest in you as a person and makes you feel heard and valued. He knows that people have different strengths and taps into developing those instead of focusing solely on weaknesses. Kevin’s strategy really works, but it is by no means a one-size-fits-all approach. If I can feel more confident and encouraged about my sales career during COVID-19 than I did a year ago when life was “normal”, you know he is doing something right. I cannot recommend Kevin enough! “

Halle Morgan, Insurance Broker, Morgan Benefits

Kevin has been an outstanding sales coach. He has increased my sales by holding me accountable and getting me more organized. He tracks your sales activities so you can see the results. Whether you are looking to improve on a certain skill or just want to enhance overall sales, I would strongly recommend Kevin.”

Chase McCune, Insurance Consultant, Dickenson & Associates

“Keylan provided me all the tools needed to become successful in a new career and held me accountable throughout the entire process. The time management advice and organization provided me the confidence to achieve my goals both personally and professionally. To anyone looking for an accountability/leadership partner, I would highly recommend Keylan Management”

Brady Bonifas, HR Sales Representative, Paychex

“I’ve been working with Kevin and Keylan for approximately 6 months now. In my 20 years of sales experience, I can confidently say that Kevin is by far the best sales management consultant/coach that I have ever worked with. Kevin takes a genuine consultative approach to the process and takes the time to understand the unique nuances of your organization. The structure that Kevin has helped us build has resulted in improved communication and clarity as well as improved accountability.”

Matt Jaye, VP Sales, Corporate Screening Services, Inc.

“I know Kevin gets results! I have benefited from his effective coaching skills. There are few, like Kevin, that can sincerely connect and engage with anyone and everyone and bring out their best. I appreciate that he cares enough to find out who you are, what you want to accomplish, and how best to develop or enhance your strengths to achieve those goals. As a result, my client engagements are richer and more productive for both my clients and me. I won’t ever lose Kevin’s phone number.”

Geraldine Weiser, Business Development Director, Corporate College