Fractional Sales Management

You run your business, we manage your sales team. We provide an outsourced sales management model for your businesses.

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Sales & Leadership Training

Keylan conducts training and workshops to increase sales effectiveness and supervisory development in developing key managerial skills.

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We assist owners with business development, sales coaching and strategic planning.

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We offer a specialized staffing service solely focused on placing sales professionals.

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“Keylan helped me hone and establish leadership skills and has had a huge impact on the way I lead and manage people.  Keylan’s approach was part empathy, part toughness… but was able to break down my own barriers so we could create a true partnership.”

“Keylan has a unique ability to adapt to what each professional needs (or doesn’t need) in terms of management and training. Keylan has done a tremendous amount for my career.”

Nick Korzeniowski, HCM Implementation Consultant

“Rely on Keylan when you need someone who’s able to understand, streamline, and improve sales and corresponding processes.  Keylan is for coaching individuals and implementing an overall sales process.”

Edward A. Zak, Chief Prospector, Profit Prospectors/Growth CFO Group

“Keylan has a unique ability to bring solutions and a completed proposal to the table rather than mere suggestions. Keylan is enormously prepared and insightful, equipped with the skills to understand what needs to happen for deals to close. When managing others, Keylan is both clear in guidance and sets tough but achievable goals. That alone is great, but Keylan takes the extra effort to mentor and coach to help ensure goals are met.”

Greg Trunzo, Regional Sales Director, Staples Business Advantage

“Keylan serves an ever-growing number of companies in a space between too big not to have a Sales VP and too small to afford one.  Keylan is a great solution to help drive accountability, activity, fill the sales funnel, and bring a discipline to an organization’s sales process.”

Jim Hopkins, President, CPI-HR

“Keylan’s senior leadership has a proven track record of being able to make sales professionals better and more effective. Keylan’s unique style helped make my teammates and I better by maximizing our individual strengths and coaching in a way that keeps you on track to hit and exceed numbers. Keylan is passionate about helping people perform at their best by introducing structure, planning, and the tools to work through challenges. Keylan helped me improve everything from how I interact internally and externally, the importance of follow-up and keeping commitments to customers.”

“Whatever experience level your sales staff possesses (new or highly tenured), Keylan is a great resource to develop sales skills.”

Jacqueline Veiram, Account Consultant, Staples

“Keylan’s senior management works to uncover and understand what motivates each and every sales person. Keylan is able to capitalize on their individual strengths and design specific training to improve their weaknesses and drive results. Keylan is very hands-on and able to take a collaborative or autonomous approach. They tailor solutions to meet their client’s needs.”

“Keylan has an unique ability to adapt to what each professional needs (or doesn’t need) in terms of management and training. Keylan has done a tremendous amount for my career.”

Diana Gaking, PHR, SHRM-CP, Finance and Human Resources Manager, CPI-HR