Leadership Development

Nurture, empower, and strengthen your leaders by giving them a toolkit for success. With Keylan Leadership Development services, you can build a leadership team that drives productivity, commitment, and retention like never before.

With our fractional model —

Unlocking leadership potential is easier than ever!

With no long-term contracts or the high costs of a full-time employee, Keylan is the right choice to pack a lot of power into a little punch.

With a focus on vision, emotional intelligence, leadership, management, accountability, and teamwork, we can transform your team.

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Leadership development services include:

  • Professional Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Visionary/Integrator Coaching
  • Sales and Leadership Behavioral Assessments
  • Sales Training
  • And more!

Our expertise in leadership development includes best practices found in:

Sales and Leadership Behavioral Assessments Include:

  • The Platinum Rule of Communication Styles assessment
  • Emotional intelligence-informed assessments
  • Thomas Kilmann Conflict Management Model-based analysis

Keylan has teamed up with PRADCO, a talent management consulting company, to provide our clients with a data-driven approach to selecting top-performing sales candidates during hiring. Clients can use PRADCO’s Sales Assessment and Leadership Assessment as part of our Leadership Development services!

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