Imagine that your salespeople are consistently achieving every goal you have set for them. They prospect effectively and always have calendars full of appointments with decision makers in well-qualified accounts that meet your perfect prospect profile. They conduct efficient sales processes that result in exceptional win rates and meet or exceed the sales plans that […]

Search the internet for the top reasons for small business failures, and “wearing too many hats” appears on just about every list. You started your business with an abundance of vision and passion and some capital, but LIMITED TIME still holds you back. What should consume your time? What should you delegate? Growing revenue is […]

The Ohio Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Youngstown State University is partnering with Keylan Management Group to offer a workshop to address topics essential for success in sales. For over thirty years, the Ohio SBDC at YSU has accelerated business growth, helped to create jobs and contributed to the economy by providing consulting and training to existing […]

Traditional cold calling results in about a 1% to 3% conversion rate for getting an initial appointment. So, is it any wonder that 53% of sales professionals give up too easily when cold calling and 48% are afraid to pick up the phone and make cold calls? When that same call (or email) is made with […]

What is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system? These systems are cloud-based programs that allow sales reps to perform a variety of functions such as loading prospects from a Microsoft Excel or .CSV file, entering sales activities, maintaining pipeline by sales stage, updating notes and contact information for prospects, clients, and Centers of Influence (COI), and […]

How many of you have sales goals for yourself, direct reports or for your company, but are unable to articulate the metrics needed to achieve those goals? For example: Is 10 prospect meetings per week realistic? How will you obtain these meetings? Will you use inbound marketing, cold calling, networking groups, or other methods? Oftentimes, when […]

If your salespeople are like most, from time to time they struggle with attaining their sales goals. And, they may offer a number of reasons for this including: Some of these, all of these or none of these may be true. What is true, however, is that establishing clear, concise activity goals and metrics and […]

What stands in the way of growing your small business? Is it a lack of capital? Is it limited time? Do you need more expertise? Let’s face it: it’s all of these to one extent or another, right? So, call me Captain Obvious but there is a point to this: you have the means to address […]

There are a lot of good articles for business owners about time management. They promote the virtues of setting priorities, delegating and tracking time. The Small Business Administration even offers training on Time Management. There are countless books on the topic written by respected authors like Stephen Covey and David Allen. The goal of time management is […]

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