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Imagine that your salespeople are consistently achieving every goal you have set for them. They prospect effectively and always have calendars full of appointments with decision makers in well-qualified accounts that meet your perfect prospect profile. They conduct efficient sales processes that result in exceptional win rates and meet or exceed the sales plans that […]

There are a lot of good articles for business owners about time management. They promote the virtues of setting priorities, delegating and tracking time. The Small Business Administration even offers training on Time Management. There are countless books on the topic written by respected authors like Stephen Covey and David Allen. The goal of time management is […]

I recently wrote about a well-defined sales process as being a “recipe for success.” This is because, once defined, the sales process affords you the ability to (1) measure the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales representatives, (2) create accountability to measurable goals and (3) identify opportunities for training and improvement. It all starts with creating metrics based on […]

The dictionary defines process as a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. You are familiar with many kinds of processes: manufacturing processes, quality assurance processes, invoicing processes, etc. What about a sales process? “The B2B, or business-to-business, sales process simply refers to the series of events, phases, or steps […]

Knowing When to Be the Business Owner and Not the Sales Manager As a small business owner it is hard to give up crucial functions within your business, so you can focus on actually running your company. However, without giving up some of the responsibility of those crucial functions you may be setting yourself and […]

As an Owner, Are You Managing Your Sales Team? Here are three things to think about: 1. Seek outside expertise that can help you develop a sales strategy that you can understand and execute. Not every business owner will understand sales strategy or the process behind sales and marketing. Remember you have a lot to […]

Follow @keylangroup for the Latest News and Insights I’m excited to say that I started my sales management and leadership development company last fall. I take great pride in helping others with their sales management and leadership development goals, which is why I’m happy to share that I will be putting out a weekly blog […]

Creating a Standout Culture with Keylan’s Assistance This post originally appeared on the Willory blog. It is reposted here with permission. By Angie Williams, Willory HR Operations Manager From day one Willory has focused on “doing right” by our team members. If you look at Willory’s values you’ll notice a very important one, “Inspire professional growth.” […]

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