About Keylan

Keylan Management Group helps small and medium-sized businesses improve their selling and leadership effectiveness.

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Our Experience

Fifteen decades of proven sales and leadership achievement.

Our Focus

We help small and medium-sized businesses achieve their strategic goals.

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Business owners improve their leadership and sales effectiveness by implementing Keylan’s proven approach.

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With no long-term commitment, businesses can easily engage with Keylan and, when ready, disengage.

Over 150 years of Combined Experience


Decades of Experience

About Keylan

Keylan Management Group helps businesses improve!

Keylan was established in 2011 after our founder, Kevin Hudson, found himself on his entrepreneurial path. Keylan Management Group has always strived to help small and medium-sized businesses improve their sales, strategy, and leadership effectiveness.

With a total of 150 years of sales and leadership experience, our team focuses on upgrading your business practices to make you more efficient, well-rounded, and profitable. Our specialties include sales management and training, leadership development and behavioral assessments, and IntegratorTM services for companies running on EOSⓇ.

Plus, since our services are completely fractional, you can avoid the hassles of hiring full-time resources, paying exorbitantly high costs, and enduring endless long-term contracts.

Unlock your sales potential with Keylan today!

Keylan Management Group is a company focused on providing fractional integrator services for companies running on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®). We are passionate about helping small to medium-sized companies scale their businesses.

Operating in the roles of Fractional Integrators, we work closely with company CEOs who sit in the Visionary seat of the organization. In the roles of Integrators, we bring together all three major functions of the organization, Sales & Marketing, Operations, and Finance, to ensure all company resources are aligned toward its vision, mission, and goals.

Many of the entrepreneurs we work with are so consumed with the day-to-day responsibilities of running their business that they put operational organization on the back-burner. They face the challenges of not only identifying short- and long-term goals, but in finding the time to intentionally provide support, coaching, and accountability to their management team to execute their organizational goals. Most of the visionaries feel frustrated and become paralyzed, not knowing how to move forward. They are sitting on a treasure chest of opportunities to generate more profit and reach more people but find themselves stuck in the daily minutiae of running a business, not focused on growth and the genius work they want to share with their clients.

Trusting others to gain results and letting go of tasks are challenges most visionaries have.

Visionaries and business leaders seek out our support once they hit the point that all successful, growing businesses reach, which is the understanding that to build wealth, freedom, and ongoing success means that they must learn to delegate. Many of these visionaries are looking to increase clarity, organization, structure, and accountability in their business in order to get things done. They know they cannot continue functioning in a “doing” mode and expect to have the success and freedom they want from their business. Utilizing a Fractional Integrator, allows us to work “in” their business and help visionaries execute their goals.

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