As an Owner, Are You Managing Your Sales Team?

  • Do you desire sales leadership for your organization, but can’t justify the cost of a full-time dedicated sales manager?
  • Do you desire increased structure and discipline with your sales team?
  • Do you desire one on one coaching with your sales reps?
  • Do you desire to grow top-line revenue, but don’t feel you are the best fit as owner/sales manager to lead your team?

What is Fractional Sales Management?

This is the process where an Owner or President of a small to medium-size business, hires an outside sales consultant to assist with coaching, mentoring and training of their sales reps on a part-time basis (reduced hours, 1099, no benefits, etc.), due to the significant investment (salary, bonus, benefits, etc.) of hiring a full-time sales manager. The outside sales consultant will work with the owner to understand the goals, objectives, and vision for the sales team, as well as current challenges for each team member. The sales consultant will incorporate these goals and objectives into working with the sales team members on a consistent basis towards achieving these goals, while providing the necessary coaching, development and accountability along the way.

Here are five things to think about:

1. Seek outside expertise

Not every business owner will understand the sales strategy or the process behind sales and marketing. Remember, you have a lot to think about daily and, understandably, you will not be an expert in every area of running a business. Do not be afraid to seek outside help to assess your sales strategy. Finding outside help can be a tremendous asset to you and your company.

2. Developing a culture of accountability

This may seem obvious, but it is harder than you think. You are trying to run your company. It may be impossible to meet with each sales rep daily or even weekly to see how they are progressing. Some reps may need more attention than others. Some may require coaching or help to figure out the next step. Either way, time needs to be made to hold your sales reps accountable and to see that they are following up with leads, giving the right amount of attention to each customer, and closing their sales.

3. Setting realistic sales goals and metrics

Developing metrics that hold sales reps accountable to weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual goals are essential to sales management. What is just as important is having realistic goals for each sales rep. Setting the bar too high or too low for a team member can hurt your company. By openly communicating with your sales reps about what is achievable your company, and your sales rep, will have better success at reaching their sales goals.

4. Providing meaningful feedback

You just don’t have the time to give your sales team the attention it deserves. A big part of managing your sales team is observing their performance and giving them critical feedback. Without feedback, your sales reps won’t know where to improve in the process. Providing the right kind of sales training and coaching can make or break your business.

5. Just not interested

Is sales management your passion? Is it why you started your business? Probably not. You started your business because you are passionate about your service or product. Although you know sales are important to your company’s success, they may not be your favorite function to focus on. As the owner, you will likely want to focus on what you are passionate about, and that is understandable. However, you need to be able to recognize when to bring someone else in to help with this vital function.

Some business owners may thrive in acting in multiple roles in their business, but that doesn’t mean it is for everyone. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses as an owner, and when to ask for help, can be just are crucial to your business as a great sales strategy. Don’t hurt your business by trying to wear too many hats, and always know when to give each core function the attention it deserves.




“In 2019 Dickenson & Associates made a very important decision to contract with Kevin Hudson and his organization. We are certainly off to a very exciting start. Our three younger professionals are working with Kevin weekly. Kevin has delivered what he promised as well as helped our professionals navigate all activity during these challenging times. Kevin has become a critical asset to our organization. He has held our three junior associates accountable daily, pushing them in an appropriate manner to complete calls, emails, virtual meetings, application submissions and case closings. This in turn has increased overall revenue for our organization. Kevin is a wonderful coach and a true professional. His honesty and candor are fabulous. We strongly recommend him and the Keylan team.”

Dave Dickenson, Owner
Dickenson & Associates

“We have worked with Kevin for the past year and a half. I run a newer/smaller division of our main company that only has 1 salesperson and we needed someone with sales experience to manage this person. He has been a great help at implementing a sales process for this new sales rep. We went from really nothing to a great system in a short amount of time. Kevin is great at holding people accountable and organizing them. He really frees up my time as I do not come from a sales background and Kevin can act as our primary sales resource. I also use him to hold me accountable for various tasks and meet with him weekly. Definitely worth what he charges.”

Dennis Drellishak Jr., President
CS Business Screen

Kevin has been an outstanding sales coach. He has increased my sales by holding me accountable and getting me more organized. He tracks your sales activities so you can see the results. Whether you are looking to improve on a certain skill or just want to enhance overall sales, I would strongly recommend Kevin.”

Chase McCune, Insurance consultant
Dickenson & Associates

“Keylan’s senior leadership has a proven track record of being able to make sales professionals better and more effective. Keylan’s unique style helped make my teammates and I better by maximizing our individual strengths and coaching in a way that keeps you on track to hit and exceed numbers. Keylan is passionate about helping people perform at their best by introducing structure, planning, and the tools to work through challenges. Keylan helped me improve everything from how I interact internally and externally, the importance of follow-up and keeping commitments to customers. Whatever experience level your sales staff possesses (new or highly tenured), Keylan is a great resource to develop sales skills.”

Jacqueline Veiram, Account Consultant