As an Owner, Are You Managing Your Sales Team?

As an Owner, Are You Managing Your Sales Team?

  • Do you desire sales leadership for your organization, but can’t justify the cost of a full time dedicated sales manager?
  • Do you desire increased structure and discipline with your sales team?
  • Do you desire one on one coaching with your sales reps?
  • Do you desire to grow top line revenue, but don’t feel you are the best fit as owner/sales manager to lead your team?

Here are three things to think about:

1. Seek outside expertise that can help you develop a sales strategy that you can understand and execute.

Not every business owner will understand sales strategy or the process behind sales and marketing. Remember you have a lot to think about on a daily basis and it is understandable you will not be an expert in every area of running a business. Do not be afraid to seek outside help to assess your sales strategy. Sales will be the biggest indicator of your company’s success. Do not follow a sales strategy you do not understand or know how to execute. Finding outside help can be a huge asset to you and your company.

2. Accountability is crucial for your business success.

This may seem obvious, but it is harder than you think. You are trying to run your company. It may be impossible to meet with each sales rep daily or even weekly to see how they are progressing. Some reps may need more attention than others. Some may need coaching or help figuring out the next step. Either way, time needs to be made to hold your sales reps accountable and to see that they are following up with leads, giving the right amount of attention to each customer, and closing their sales. Not every sale will be made, but by holding your sales team accountable you can assure that your team will work even harder for you.

3. Realistic goals postures everyone for success.

Developing metrics that hold sales reps accountable to weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual goals is essential to sales management. What is just as important is having realistic goals for each sales rep. Setting the bar too high or too low for a team member can hurt your company. By openly communicating with your sales reps about what is achievable your company, and your sales rep, will have better success at reaching their sales goals.

Ultimately, knowing when to seek outside help as part of your sales strategy is important. No one is expecting you to know everything about running a business. Hiring a sales consultant is a great way to alleviate some of the struggles of not only running your business, but making sure it is profitable.

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