We provide professional discovery, assessment, and guidance to move your sales efforts forward. We’re an ideal fit for organizations that can’t justify the cost of hiring a full-time dedicated sales manager but value (and need) the leadership and discipline of an experienced and successful sales leader. We provide an affordable fractional sales management model allowing owners to focus on the rest of their company’s operations.

Keylan Specializes in Providing the Following Assistance:

  • Affordable, professional sales management expertise
  • Sales leadership assistance for the CEO/Owner who needs to focus on other business issues
  • Creating, revising or improving your sales and marketing plans
  • Defining sales processes, goals and metrics
  • Establishing and reinforcing practices that lead to sales effectiveness and success
  • Temporary/interim sales management assistance
  • One-on-one coaching for marginal performers and new salespeople
  • Mentoring for inexperienced sales managers and managers-in-training

Keylan Sales Management Services includes, but not limited to:

  • Sales audit and assessment
  • Defining sales processes and their associated goals and metrics
  • Coaching and training sales reps
  • Holding sales reps accountable to weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual goals
  • Observation and feedback
  • Assisting in the selection, implementation and/or use of a CRM (sales force automation system)
  • Improving visibility into the sales funnel and forecast through pipeline management
  • Providing strategic insight into sales opportunities
  • New hire onboarding
  • Sales performance management with ownership guidance



“In 2019, Dickenson & Associates made a very important decision to contract with Kevin Hudson and his organization.  We are certainly off to a very exciting start.  Our three younger professionals are working with Kevin weekly.  Kevin has delivered what he promised as well as helped our professionals navigate all activity during these challenging times. Kevin has become a critical asset to our organization.  He has held our three junior associates accountable daily, pushing them in an appropriate manner to complete calls, emails, virtual meetings, application submissions and case closings.  This in turn has increased overall revenue for our organization.  Kevin is a wonderful coach and a true professional.  His honesty and candor are fabulous.  We strongly recommend him and the Keylan team.”

Dave Dickenson
Owner – Dickenson & Associates

“Keylan’s senior leadership has a proven track record of being able to make sales professionals better and more effective. Keylan’s unique style helped make my teammates and I better by maximizing our individual strengths and coaching in a way that keeps you on track to hit and exceed numbers. Keylan is passionate about helping people perform at their best by introducing structure, planning, and the tools to work through challenges. Keylan helped me improve everything from how I interact internally and externally, the importance of follow-up and keeping commitments to customers. Whatever experience level your sales staff possesses (new or highly tenured), Keylan is a great resource to develop sales skills.”

Jacqueline Veiram
Account Consultant – Staples