Introducing Keylan

Introducing Keylan

I feel blessed and proud to announce the launch of my new business venture, Keylan Management Group, LLC. It is a dream realized to start a business that allows me to do what I love: help people, leaders and small businesses with vision and clarity to build a path that meets or exceed their aspirations.

Keylan provides outsourced sales management focused on small-to-mid-sized companies. With an eye on sales growth, we help create and deliver leadership development workshops for organizations seeking to strengthen internal culture and enhance the potential of their people.

Our mission is to professionally manage our client’s sales teams and provide leadership development training in driving better outcomes and results. Our vision is to be a leading sales management and coaching firm focused on sales and leadership effectiveness for small to mid-sized businesses, enhancing sales growth and operational effectiveness, at a fraction of the cost.

Reaching this point in my career was not easy and included challenges with many great learning experiences. Having started my career at ADP gave me a great sales foundation. My work experience at PeopleSoft and Staples provided an opportunity to gain necessary business maturity. My experience at CPI-HR allowed me to see up close the daily journey of running a small business through my role and close working relationship with the owner.

In addition to my faith, learning key concepts within the books, Crucial Conversations and Emotional Intelligence, ushered in a whole new perspective in that success is much more than just attaining quota. The way in which we conduct ourselves, manage our emotions and effectively communicate are the hallmarks for strengthening culture within our organizations and our homes. Finally, the opportunity that I’ve had to work with hundreds of small business owners over the last 25 years has prepared me for this endeavor.

I would not have been able to start this company without the support of some key people and the grace of God. I want to thank my wife, Carrie Hudson, who has supported and encouraged me to dream and step out on faith. I would like to thank John Bernatovicz, my business partner and Keylan co-founder, who started these conversations with me almost 10 years ago. I would like to thank my kids for believing in me and to whom I named my business after: KEvin jr., kYLe and chANtelle. To all my family, friends, supervisors and co-workers, who helped me along the way in providing the necessary constructive feedback that humbled me, while providing fuel for my motivation to better myself as a leader, professional, husband, father, son and friend.

Overall, my journey thus far has equipped me to offer excellent sales leadership in helping to bring clarity, discovery, structure and execution that will increase leadership and operational effectiveness, while driving sales growth for organizations.

To keep up to date on our launch and small business movement, please like and follow us on all social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram) @keylangroup.

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