Take Your Sales Game to the Next Level

Take Your Sales Game to the Next Level

I recently wrote about a well-defined sales process as being a “recipe for success.” This is because, once defined, the sales process affords you the ability to (1) measure the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales representatives, (2) create accountability to measurable goals and (3) identify opportunities for training and improvement.

It all starts with creating metrics based on your sales process. Let’s say that your sales process consists of 4 steps: Appointment, Discovery, Proposal, Closed (Won or Lost). Your metrics can then be straightforward ratios based on what you want to measure. Consider these:

  • Appointments per week – measures effectiveness at gaining access to prospects
  • Discovery meetings per appointment – measures effectiveness at creating interest
  • Closed (won) per proposal – measures adequacy of pipeline (among other things)

The point is that metrics don’t have to be complicated. And, even the simplest metrics are extremely helpful so it’s worth investing the time to create, track and apply them.

If you’re looking to help your sales team take their game to the next level, create simple, easy-to-track metrics and work with them to apply the insights they reveal. And, if I can help you along the way, please let me know.

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